Stay 3 nights and pay only 2 - 51 hotels in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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Hotel/Provider: H-Hotels AG - 3 Nächte & nur 2 bezahlen
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Validity: 36 Month
Travelticket Value: 119,00 € / You save: 91,60 %
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  • Included Benefits
  • The following services are included for 2 people:

    • Stay 3 nights and only pay for 2 nights
    • You pay 2 nights of the current daily rate incl. breakfast in the online booking calendar (link on the Travelticket)
      and automatically get booked the third night from Sunday to Monday with this Travelticket!
      The 2 nights you can be paid directly after the reservation or later at the hotel.
      (Already discounted special rates are excluded from the action!
      An accounting of the 2 nights with another Travelticket is not possible!)
    • Check in only Fridays possible
    • For up to 2 people in a double room
    • 1 child up to 6 years free in parents' room
    • Use of the fitness and sauna area (subject to availability)
    • Free Wi-Fi

    The use of other Traveltickets for payment of 2 nights is not possible.

    Der Reiseschein ist 3 Jahre gültig und frei auf Dritte übertragbar
    und somit auch ein ideales & schnelles Geschenk für Ihre Liebsten.

    Der Reiseschein wird Ihnen per Email nach Zahlungseingang
    an Ihre hinterlegte Email Adresse als PDF geschickt.

    Den Link zum Online Buchungskalender erhalten Sie mit Ihrem
    Reiseschein und Sie können ab sofort nach Verfügbarkeit buchen.

    Contact details for the availability inquiry:
    H-Hotels AG

    Verfügbarkeit / Availability
    Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
    Tel.: + 49 (0)881 - 92549-33
    Please mention it ABSOLUTELY, that you want to travel with a Travelticket!

    Availability / Validity:
    The Travelticket is valid for the period of 36 months. Booking to availability and only through the online booking link. The payment of 2 nights must be made after booking to the H-Hotels AG. The use of other Traveltickets for payment of 2 nights is not possible. This Travelticket is not valid during fairs & special events.

    The Travelticket is valid for benefits 36 months from date of issue. A repayment of this value is not possible. Please pay attention in this article description any limitations of the "arrival periods" or the special "availability periods" from the Hotel/Provider. The Traveltickets relate to a limited availability, it is possible that this is fully booked for a desired period, although there is still capacity available on other sales channels.
  • / Holidaycheck
  • Savings tip: stay 3 nights and only pay for 2

    A fun ski day - Book 2 nights and the H-Hotels AG extends your getaway to one night.
    In the wide range of hotels of H-Hotels AG everyone will find his personal highlight.
    Booking Note: An arrival is only possible on Friday.

    The following hotels participate:

    • H+ Hotel Alpina Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • H+ Hotel Leipzig-Halle
    • H+ Hotel München City Centre B&B
    • H+ Hotel Solingen City Centre B&B
    • H+ Hotel Sonnwendhof Engelberg
    • H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
    • H2 Hotel München Messe
    • H4 Hotel Hannover Messe
    • H4 Hotel Lübeck City Centre
    • H4 Hotel Münster City Centre
    • H4 Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth
    • H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno
    • H+ Hotel Bad Soden
    • H+ Hotel Bären Goslar
    • H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz
    • H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte
    • H+ Hotel Bochum
    • H+ Hotel Brühl-Köln
    • H+ Hotel Darmstadt
    • H+ Hotel Hannover
    • H+ Hotel Frankfurt Airport West
    • H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe
    • H+ Hotel & Spa Friedrichroda
    • Hyperion Hotel Hamburg
    • H4 Hotel Hamburg-Bergedorf
    • H+ Hotel Stade Herzog Widukind
    • H+ Hotel Hockenheim
    • H+ Hotel Hürth-Köln
    • H4 Hotel Kassel
    • H+ La Palma Hotel & Spa Locarno
    • H+ Hotel Lampertheim
    • H4 Hotel Leipzig
    • H+ Hotel Leipzig
    • H+ Hotel Limes-Thermen Aalen
    • H+ Hotel Magdeburg
    • H+ Hotel Mannheim
    • H4 Hotel München Messe
    • H+ Hotel & Spa Engelberg
    • H+ Hotel Salzburg
    • H+ Hotel Siegen
    • H4 Hotel Solothurn
    • H+ Hotel Stade
    • H+ Hotel Stuttgart Herrenberg
    • H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen
    • H+ Hotel Willingen
    • H+ Hotel Zürich
    • H+ Hotel Nürnberg
    • Hyperion Hotel Basel
    • Hyperion Hotel Berlin
    • H+ Hotel Bremen
    • TREFF HOTEL Panorama Oberhof


    H-Hotels AG - 3 Nächte & nur 2 bezahlen
    H-Hotels AG

    Verfügbarkeit / Availability
    Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
    Tel.: + 49 (0)881 - 92549-33

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    1. We send you free of charge by eMail your Travelticket on the day of receipt your payment (weekdays for business hours). You can print the Travelticket at home for you.

    2. We ship the Travelticket if needed via Post mail for 2,00 EUR (incl. VAT) processing fee and postage. We print your Travelticket in best color laser quality and send it to you.

    The Travelticket is an ideal gift, because it does not have a name or the purchase price.
    Without value and name details!

    The fastest way to get your Travelticket is to pay with Paypal (


    You will receive an email after purchasing the entire purchase process and our bank details if you wish to transfer.

    Important! Payments can be processed only if you specify the order number of your order!

    All other data such as the use of the Travelticket, booking room or extension of the arrangement by booking additional nights, full board, discount for children or other offers, you can immediately upon receipt of the Travelticket directly check with the seller personally and quickly. In the Travelticket that comes to you via email, you will find this information about the seller.

    The booking of payments will be held only on weekdays. The Travelticket will be sent to you within hours via email to print it. If you require a particularly fast and urgent delivery of your Travelticket, call us during our business hours at the above telephone hotline (Note: We receipt your money!).

    Therefore we recommend you always PayPal as the fastest method of payment.

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